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Several Essential Points on Making Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese staple food that has earned the rest of the world and is now considered one of the most popular Asian dishes. Sushi has evolved into more than just a culinary treat, but into a lasting work of art, dating back to the Muromachi period, when fish and rice were fermented together. If you want to make sushi, you have to consider sushi kit makers and the meat in many variations than the regular mix of raw fish and rice. The following are several essential points to make sushi.


The Truths of Sushi

Sushi is rice mixed with vinegar, served with raw or cooked fish, and then dipped in sauces before eating. However, it is essential to note that the fish and other fish used to prepare sushi can be either raw or cooked. Although the traditional method of serving ice cream is to put raw fish on a bed of rice in brine and then connect it to a pile of nori, new ways of serving this Asian food have adopted the use of unconventional ingredients such as lemon, mayonnaise, and wasabi sauces and even cherry pieces.

The Basics of Sushi Making


In making sushi, you should first consider whether you prefer to eat raw fish or not. The preparation of sushi nigiri is quite simple, and all you need is a little rice or seasoned vinegar added as a base, some raw or cooked fish or other fish, and wasabi sauce. Sushi rice can be prepared in advance by cooking the short-grain rice and water in equal proportions until the rice is cooked.

To make sushi nigiri, start forming a small mound of rice with the palms of your hands. Use about two tablespoons of rice and roll it into a well-formed oval. Subsequently, you could put over the thin piece of shrimp or raw fish, usually about 2×5 cm. Chirashi sushi is just beef, sprinkled with vegetables, and sashimi over the rice.

The Essential Suggestions

If you use seafood or raw fish, do not overlook the selection of the best fish. Sushi masters generally prefer deep saltwater fish such as mackerel and salmon, as they are usually free of parasites. Freshwater fish tend to be more susceptible to parasites, making them a risk of disease and infection.


Several health matters are confronting the consumption of sushi regularly, and one of these is the distressing levels of mercury present in seafood and raw fish. Nevertheless, you can always decide between cooking the fish or enjoying the unique fillings. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and can also be a much better option than most red meats. Whenever you make sushi, keep in mind that you can appreciate this exotic treat in a much more delightful idea than you can do on your own.