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Things to Know Before Franchising a Lotto Outlet

If you want to put up a profitable business, why not give a lotto franchise and risk your money in a gambling outlet? According to the Online Casino Seiten, lotto is undisputedly at the top of the most popular gambling game list worldwide. Even though online betting is a trend, it can be one of the many reasons why it is smart to put up a lotto outlet as your business. This article will discuss the requirements, purchase price, and how much would you profit with a lottery franchise in the Philippines. Now, let’s talk about everything that you need to know before franchising a lotto outlet:


If you desire to start a lottery business position in the Philippines, you must follow very stringent requirements as it is a successful business. For someone who wants to do so, of course, you must be Filipino, have no criminal records, and must be 21 years of age and above. It must present the necessary documentation for a business, which must also wisely find a wonderful place for its lottery seller – preferably a full one.


You (the agent) must specify the location of each lottery stand, which usually means that you will probably have to pay all expenses such as lease, rent, or purchase of a structure, including installation, utilities, telephone lines, and all location-related other expenditures. You only have to pay these three things: processing fee, installation fee, and surety bond.

Let’s say you already have your location. Introducing a lottery store will cost you between PHP 30,000 and PHP 50,000, depending on the deposit insurance option. If you don’t have your site yet, you will probably spend less than PHP 500,000. This part means that you will want to spend an astounding amount of money at the beginning of your gaming experience.


moneyHow much do you would I get in return? This question is very common. As a broker, you will receive between 4.5 and 5 percentage of the gross profit. The higher the gain, the higher the yield, of course. PCSO will also give you a portion of a winning lottery on the socket with no more than PHP 500,000, depending on the prize-winning jackpot. You might want to consider overheads such as rent, employee salaries, utilities, and other expenses incurred along with your stand for a company. To earn more money, you need to choose a wonderful place, i.e., a busy area and a crowded place for small businesses.